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Carrell Farms' water buffalo are 100% grass fed and finished.  They are raised with love and respect, no hormones, no antibiotics, no mRNA vaccines!  Great care is given to ensure our water buffalo live a species appropriate lifestyle, eat a species appropriate diet, and are harvested humanely.  All products are USDA inspected, vacuum sealed, and frozen.

When you purchase products from Carrell Farms you are buying straight from the farm in Monroe, GA.

Our meat is processed and our sausages are made using our own recipes at Williamsburg Packing, a USDA facility in Kingstree, SC.

Farmers Market Pick-up-  Carrell Farms alternates between the Suwanee Farmers Market in Suwanee, GA and the Monroe Farmers Market in Monroe, GA.  You can purchase on this site for pick up at either market at these prices with no shipping costs.  Please confirm your desired market.

Farm Pick-up-  You can purchase on this site for on farm pick-up in Monroe, GA by appointment.  For farm pick-up only, use coupon code FARM PICKUP for a 20% discount.

SHIPPING-  Carrell Farms ships every Monday and Tuesday.  Products are shipped out at 0 degrees using dry ice and eco-friendly packaging.  Every effort is made to ensure your order arrives cold.  Carrell Farms does not guarantee shipping.  We ship as far as 3 day ground from Monroe, GA for a flat rate fee of $99.  Outside of 3 day ground please contact us for shipping.

Following is a complete product list and pricing.  If any of these products are not available below then the product is sold out until the next processing.  We process buffalos once every 60 days.  Email with any questions or to get put on a waiting list for a particular cut. 

$24/lb.     Tenderloin Filet- 2” thick, 2/pack  

$22/lb.     Tenderloin- whole, approx. 3 lbs.

$18/ lb.    Ribeye Steak- 1.5” thick, boneless  

$16/lb.     Flank Steak

                 Flat Iron


                 Sirloin Steak-1" thick                 

                 Tri Tip

$14/lb.     Heart 

                 Liver, sliced                

                 Skirt Steak 

                 Organ Blend- 80% Ground/20% Organ blend, 1 lb. chubs

                 Sausages- collagen casings, no msg, no fillers, no gluten, no nitrates 

                               Bratwurst- 5 links/lb.

                               Herb Breakfast Links- 8 links/lb.

                                Hot Italian- 5 links/lb.

                                Jalapeño Cheese- 5 links/lb.

                               Kielbasa- 1 continuous link/lb.

$12/lb.     Boneless Chuck Roast  



                 Cubed Steak

                 Eye of Round

                 Ground- 1 lb. chub 

                 Philly Steak- thinly sliced top round, 1 lb

                 Short Rib Roast  

                 Stew Meat- 1” cubes, 1 lb. pack


$10/lb.     Ground, case-of 12/1 lb. chubs 







$ 6/lb.      Marrow Bones- Canoe cut, approx. 3 lb. pack 

                 Rib Bones- for pets 

                 Soup Bones- approx. 3 lb. pack